Podcast Tuesday – LUPO WORLD

Podcast Tuesday: “Mightifying eats bullying for breakfast” with Mervi Pänkäläinen

No other than the mighty Mervi Pänkäläinen from Mightifier joins us at today’s Podcast Tuesday episode to talk about social-emotional learning, creativity, safety, positive feedback and happiness.

Podcast Tuesday: “Today’s way of schooling is destroying students” with Pasi Joronen

This week I had a chance to talk with Pasi Joronen from Polkuni about the importance of music, happiness and self-expression in today’s society. Pasi has had multiple roles in media and is currently helping startups as business coach, mentor and investor. 

Podcast Tuesday: Why It’s Important To Never Stop Being Playful with Timo Karjalainen

Today we will enter a World of Insights with Timo Karjalainen, Creative Lead. Timo and his wife Eliza Hochman, CEO, co-founded World of Insights in order to understand how learning happens in organisations and how to break old fashioned structures of learning in order to promote co-creation, open dialogue, playfulness and creativity.

Podcast Tuesday: “If you throw technology at a broken school system, do you get a digital broken school system?” with Olli Vallo

In today’s episode Gerhard visited the wonderful people at Kokoa Agency to have a chat with Olli Vallo. Olli was originally a class teacher, but then found his passion for EdTech during his PhD studies, when he worked with a company that developed a music platform for schools.

Podcast Tuesday: The High Costs of Not Knowing Your Users with Esteve Pannetier

In today’s episode we explore design, design thinking, human anthropology and human-centered design with none other than Esteve Pannetier.

Podcast Tuesday: Why Finland has a selling problem with Troy Woodson

In today’s podcast I had the honor to talk to Troy Woosdon, Managing Partner and Head Trainer at CBW Global. We met at the wonderful Kaffa Roastery, hence the background music and noise.

Podcast Tuesday: “Learning is amazing, let’s treat it like this.” with Lauri Jarvilehto, CEO Lightneer

In today’s episode Gary had the honor to talk to Lauri Jarvilehto, CEO of Lightneer. Lauri is extremely passionate about learning and how to help kids, young adults or basically anyone to spark their love for learning. In his opinion games are a wonderful tool to do exactly this and give young kids the context that is so often missing in today’s classroom.

Podcast Tuesday: “When a robot tries to get into university” with Dr. Miikka J. Lehtonen

For today’s episode of LUPO & Friends we visited Dr.Miikka J. Lehtonen at his super cool office. Dr. Miikka J. Lehtonen is currently  a

Podcast Tuesday: “Are you creative? No sorry, I can’t draw.” with Dr. Sara Sintonen

Welcome to the first episode of our “LUPO & Friends” podcast! With LUPO & Friends we try to invite amazing people to talk about creativity, education, technology, games and unserious and very ridiculous things.