LX Design Wednesday – LUPO WORLD

Learning Experience Design: Historical Games

I’ve been using gamification in teaching history for ages. Or at least as long as I’ve been teaching history. So, today I am going tell you how I have gamified my history lessons. Below is a list of gamification elements and an example how I have used it on my history lessons.

Phenomenon Fair!

Our role as elementary side of this PBL project is to have our own Phenomenon Fair. Main topic of the fair is Finland as a 100-year-old nation. Fourth graders’ very own subtopic to the main topic is the Baltic Sea. Within that context, the students are now working on their own fair stands, acts or presentations. Within the Baltic Sea context, the topics are ranging from battles of the Baltic Sea to seaweed and everything in between.

Learning Experience Design: Monsters of Math and The Infinite

Gameweek is behind us and all went well. Some of the gameweek’s activities are being reviewed and linked to our classrooms by me and my colleagues. Definitely some very useful to stuff to use outside the gameweek also.

It’s Gameday

Yesterday we had the first activities of our gameweek. Students were really motivated, engaged and active during the whole day. Not even a fire drill changed their mood. Everything worked out well but I think we need more time to finish these cool things that we have started. The activities will continue during this week and maybe some parts of next week as well.

Gameweek Coming Up!

Hello guys! Do you remember when I wrote about taking part in the international gameweek. We have been busy with the students brainstorming and thinking what could we do during the gameweek. First the whole concept got out of hand and I had to set some boundaries to the activities the students were thinking. After that, the ideas were more concrete with clear structures, instructions and thought.

Learning Experience Design Wednesday: India – A Teacher’s Glimpse

Indian school system seems to be doing pretty well even though it is quite competitive and there is a lot of rote learning with standardised testing system.

Learning Experience Design Wednesday: Behold! Gameweek is here! (Actually not yet) by Tomi Tolonen

So last week I talked about my classroom’s experience point system. I forgot to mention that the purchases are co-created with the students and their parents. Students are now for some odd reason saving up the points even though they all are well past level to which is 2000 XP points. Weird.

Learning Experience Design Wednesday: My Experience Point System

Students collect points from positive feedback, homework, teamwork, projects and different kinds of assignments. For example from every positive feedback from teachers that teach my students they get 100 xp points. They level up when they reach 1000 xp points. They can use the points to buy different things. For example 1000 xp points can buy you a new place to sit in the classroom or a recess indoors. If students buy stuff they will lose a certain amount of points which is the cost of the purchase.

Learning Experience Design Wednesday: “Let’s trade one gigantic french fry for one gigantic sea monster”

So last time I was about to start playing LUPO: The Space Adventure with my class of 4th graders. Yesterday we finished the game and students were really into it. Everyone working together and coming up with amazingly ridiculous solutions.

Learning Experience Design Wednesday: How I used a card game to gamify my classroom

I am an elementary school teacher and I work with kids aged 8-12. The class I teach is fifth grade and the students are aged 11-12. They have some experience in the use of games in the classroom, but not that much