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Creativity Tuesday: Start By Combining The Unusual

What do you get when you cross a dessert plate with an ice-cube tray? An ice cream bowl that melts after use, so you don’t have to wash it.

The importance of creativity and why we all got it (mostly) wrong

Last night I started to write today’s blog post about how you can boost your creative juice and I got stuck, basically after 5 minutes. Yes, the fear of the blank page was right there. I wanted to start this blog by writing about the importance of creativity in the 21st century. I mostly ended up with the arguments commonly used by various people, authorities and startups: Creativity is mostly seen as important 21st century skill in order to be more competitive in the future job market, as key to economic growth and most recently, as key differentiator to artificial intelligence and robotics.

Creativity Tuesday: Pumping Up Your Creative Juice

With the blog post series “Creativity Tuesday” we would like to help readers pump up their creative confidence playfully with easy exercises, but also talk about the topic we are most passionate about: Creativity.