– Players 3 – 25 (Ambassador)
– 5 roles
– Choose an Ambassador
– Far quick visualization gather colorful pens and paper
– We recommend 60 – 90 minutes for LUPO: The Space Adventure with pens & papers.
– Make sure to have post-its (or something similar)

As Ambassador of the Intergalactic Committee your job is to facilitate the game experience and guide players as an in-game character. You play an important part in this game and in keeping up a ridiculous and fun mood. You can change or modify the story, the rules and winning criteria if you want. It is totally up to you how you want your players to bring their ideas to life It can be pen & paper Minecraft, 3D printing,
LEGO or any other tool you can think of.



Show the briefing video from the Intergalactic Committee Or tell:
Planet Earth turned into a raisin and we have to find a new home for humanity. You are one of the chosen ones. You will form a space crew with other brave and crazy minded LUPO-Nauts. Each one of you will have a specific role in this mission, but together you have to build a new town for hu-manity on a strange new world. It is up to you how you want to bring you ideas to life. You can start with pen & paper and go all the way to building an actual spaceship. You have 60 – 90 minutes time to form a space crew, build a spaceship and create a new town for humanity. When the time is over, you
have to present your creation to the Ambassador of the Inter-galactic Committee.




3-5 Minutes

Each space crew consists of 3-5 players.
Assign extra roles if there are only 3 players.

Let your players choose a character name
and write it down e.g. on a post-it.
Give each player one role card.
Let your players get to know each other.
Let your players decide a name for their space crew.


10-15 Minutes

It is time to build a spaceship for the journey!

Let your players design a spaceship based on the name they have chosen for their space crew.

If they can’t agree on the name for the ship, ask them to combine their ideas. The result might be an ice-unicorn-kitten spaceship!

5 minutes

Now that they have an awesome space crew and a spaceship, all it’s missing are the coordinates for then designated planet.

Give each player a designated mission card for their role.
Let them tell each other their mission.
Give each space crew one world card.

Oh another species arrived at the some time!

Give each space crew a species card.

Don’t forget, we want to live in peace and harmony
with the new species.
As the cities on planet Earth looked boring, we want a new style.

Give each space crew one style card.

Explore the cards to read exciting background info about their world and species on.

20-45 minutes

Ambassador :
It is time to build the new home for humanity! Your players can decide how they want to bring their ideas to life. Be it by brainstorming and then by drawing, or whatever they can imagine! Actively engage with your players, keep up the ridiculous mood.

Give space crews a world impact card,

if you think they are too fast or they need more challenges.

Give space crews a crew impact card

to make them do ridiculous and fun things.

3-5 Minutes


Let your players present their creations to you

– Inquire about their creations by asking questions about their town.
– Challenge their decision or praise them for their creativity.
– Think about ways to inspire the players to think further.
– You can decide whether there are winning criteria or not, modify the rules as you wish.