LUPO: The Space Adventure + Education = <3

We are passionate about education and the people we are designing for; teachers and students. With our user centered approach to design, we have co-created LUPO: The Space Adventure with teachers from the very first prototype. We have been testing LUPO: The Space Adventure with more than 100+ teachers and 500+ students across Finland and the United Kingdom. The response was overwhelmingly positive and 97% of teachers would recommend LUPO to their colleagues.

We have been also awarded with the Kokoa Education Standard (read more).

The LUPO EDU Space Station Concept

LUPO: The Space Adventure is a dynamic new resource for teachers who believe in the power of creative thinking. Start your journey today and encourage your pupils to solve problems, work as a team and relate to one another in new and exciting ways. We have designed a flexible system that adapts to your needs and allows you to modify it as you wish.

So, choose one or more modules from our library below, combine it with LUPO: The Space Adventure and have fun!

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LUPO Modules

Literature: Fan Fiction

(available in Finnish soon!)

The focus of the Literature: Fan Fiction module is creative writing with different kind of writing assignments connected to LUPO: The Space Adventure. You can use this module during or after the game session. There is a short introduction to each assignment, telling you how and when to use it. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer in the creative writing process. Age: 9-12 years old

Download "Student View" to have each task printed or for using it on a projector.

Science & Nature: Apply Your Knowledge!

(available in Finnish soon!)

The focus of the Science & Nature: Apply Your Knowledge! module is nature and science. Assignments are fun and open ended, but they also require some elementary knowledge about science and nature. Don't forget, let your students be ridiculous! Age: 9-12 years old

Download "Student View" to have each task printed or for using it on a projector.


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